Don’t miss the moment

I’ve continued to think about the Trayvon Martin case. And how I hope we don’t miss the lesson or learning moment. I have to believe that out of every tragedy there is something we can take away from it; something we must take away from it. With so much left to determine, I think we’re all still waiting. However, it leads me to thinking about how easily we can miss the moment. A moment maybe when God is speaking and we need to be listening.

We have to be careful not to let the moments in our life pass by because we are not aware. 

In rushing through our day, we miss the moment. In having expectations or ideas of how something should be, we miss the moment. In thinking of ourselves and our own life and not of others, we miss the moment.

In life, we have to be patient in order to get the full picture of our circumstances and what God may be trying to do. We can easily rush to conclusions, throw up our hands in defeat or walk away from something, out of our short sightedness, frustration or fear.

Because of my circumstances, I have been forced to learn patience. I think I have always been a patient person. But now, it’s on a whole different level. My speech is one example. I no longer speak as I used to. It takes me longer to pronounce and enunciate words. I have had to be patient with myself to be able to get my point across to people. And people have to be patience with me. So they don’t miss what I have to say.

Perhaps God has been trying to speak to you. Stop. Slow down. Forget about yesterday and don’t focus on tomorrow. Be present in the moment.

And just listen.


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