The Pop Quiz

How many of us remember from our days in the classroom (perhaps not very fondly) the infamous pop quiz?

They seemed to come out of now where. You felt unprepared, wish you had gotten even the smallest hints it was coming, and you just didn’t see how it was all going to work out.

Getting cancer came at me in a similar way. I never imagined or prepared for my life to change so quickly or significantly. Usually I can handle things when I’m prepared. And even if I’m not adequately prepared, I still do a pretty good job of reacting. But this is a different situation.

How do we handle the pop quizzes of life?

Five things I share:

  1. Don’t stop at what looks bad – Recoil, gather yourself and move forward. Even if it’s slowly, just keep going.
  2. Recall previous lessons – Think back to what you learned. You know more than you think.
  3. God has prepared you – You may feel inadequate but realize He has equipped you to pass.
  4. Keep a clear perspective – Place the test in context of everything else. It may feel like the only thing that matters but it’s just one piece of the big picture.
  5. You can count on help – God does not expect us to handle everything on our own. In fact, He wants us to surrender our problems to Him, and ask for the help we need.

You can do it. You will be victorious.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” –Philippians 4:13


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