Our Box of Tools

A lot of people have told me ‘thank you’ for sharing my story. You are welcome. Sharing it makes me feel hopeful. I am able to do what I’ve been purposed to do – provide people hope and encouragement, and glorify Jesus Christ who is my reason for hope. Although the medium has changed, the message has not.

Before, I thought I would use my voice and speaking as the primary means to convey the message. And I thought that a website or social media would be the secondary method to support the primary tool. But it looks like that has flipped. Now this blog, at least for now, has become the primary tool.

God has given us a variety of tools. When I say tools, I mean gifts, strengths, opportunities, situations. We don’t always know however, which ones He will use for His purpose. That’s why it’s important to be open and ready for God to show us something different; something we may not have originally thought or imagined. And we have to trust that He wants only for our good.

Because of this tool, my message can go further than me physically delivering it. It would be nice to be there – and I hope those opportunities will come. But as long as the message can get out, I am definitely happy about that.

Are you open to God showing you another way? Are we open to Him choosing the method and tool of His choice?



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2 responses to “Our Box of Tools

  1. Sherice Shine-Cross

    Hello Brandon,

    My first time on your blog and this is a powerful “tool” to reach the masses for Christ. I always say it’s a tool to be used don’t let it use you. However, you bring up a wonderful illustration using your life experience and what you believed you should do and was humble enough to change methods but not message. You’ve asked a thought provoking question. I am learning to let Him lead in ALL areas of my life. Although it is a process that will take until I leave this side of Heaven. As we grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ it becomes easier to surrender more and more. I love how God never lets me get too comfortable otherwise I could easily really/lean on my own understanding and capabilities. I’m learning in my weakness His Strength is made perfect. Thank you Man of God for the word!

  2. Nicely written Brandon….we all been given the tools we need to fulfill our purpose…we just have to be open to the tips and techniques that we are gvine to help us along on our purpose filled journey…..

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