The decision to live

I have started taking a new type of medicine this week. On June 11 I had an MRI done, which I guess you could say I’ve grown accustomed to. On June 14 I had a doctor’s appointment to get the results. Just like many other doctor’s appointments I’ve had in the past year. This time however they found growth on my brain stem.

When I heard the news, the first thing I thought was, what can I do to make this go away? What can I do to get better? I know I have an aggressive tumor. I know there is a process that must take place in order to get better. But I can’t help but ask, why this at this moment? I don’t have the answers.

It’s gotten more difficult to walk and more difficult to catch my balance. A friend texted me earlier this week and asked how things were going. I told him, “I’m tired.” Tired of the doctor’s appointments, medicine, less and less mobility, lack of independence, cancer…

Be that as it may, I have made the decision to live.

Even in the face of adversity, we have decisions. We can give into the adversity or we can, to the best of our ability, face it head on. No matter our circumstances, we have choices.

A lot of people don’t believe they have choices. And that’s a dangerous thing. Without choices, people act without regard to themselves and others. Without choices, people feel helpless and hopeless. Without choices, people get stuck in a rut and instead of doing something, they don’t do anything.

We must remember that the choice is ours. Whether we just exist or whether we live. Whether we try something different or stay where we are. Whether we hope for something better or whether we give up.

The best choice I ever made in my life was accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That decision means I have assurance that my life is taken care of. It means that as Christians, we are justified and we are saved.

Make the decision today to press on. Make the decision today to start over. Make the decision today to live life. And make the decision to live for Christ.

“For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. Romans 14:8



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11 responses to “The decision to live

  1. Deborah Bonner

    Brandon you INSPIRE me!!!….I LOVE YOU!!
    Aunt Deborah:-)

  2. kwilliams04

    As always you know just what to say and when. Even in the midst of all you are going through you still constantly are helping other people with what they are going through . No matter what decision you would have made it would have been fine, but the fact that you have decided to live is one to truly be commended! I love you and am SO proud of you! Great post!

  3. Tina White

    Brandon, you are a true inspiration to me.Although,I face difficulties in my life your encouragement gives me hope.I love you like I love my nephew David J. Perdue your friend. You are awesome!!!!

    Tina White

  4. Rainy Day

    I see you with my minds eye.
    I AM always with you. I think of you and smile.
    You continue to be the light of Spirit. Your light shine for others yet the greatest light is
    your light to self. I AM proud of you. I AM sending you MY healing energy in Faith, Love,
    Strength, Wisdom, Power and Imagination. It is our spiritual gift of Imagination that changes
    our world. Thank you Brandon!

  5. ionowhattoputhere..

    Hey man, I wrote this back in Feb. and meant to give it to you.. its called StuckWithMe.. n as whimsical and poetic as i can be.. this is real short n to the point:
    Just lettin you know
    just so you know its your fault
    your stuck with me
    your always going to have a shoulder to cry on
    you’ll always have someone that can make you smile
    your gonna always hear me say hello when i arrive and goodbye when i leave
    your gonna have a friend who will listen
    and a bruh who can chill
    someone you know you can’t lie to
    and who will keep it real
    so face it your stuck with me
    enjoy… 🙂

    Luv ya man.

  6. Adriena Long

    By his stripes you are healed. Constantly praying for you Boooooooooo!!! Lol (inside joke) ❤

  7. Coulter

    Wow!!! Brandon you are a soldier man, I have always looked up to you, and now I look at you as inspiration. I love you man and I am praying for you cousin.

  8. Takia Sumpter


    I can’t imagine that I can say anything that anyone else has not already said. I don’t know if it matters, but in moments like these, I desire to be profound. I’m not sure what will come out but hopefully is brings you peace and calms your soul. Hopefully, it helps you stay encouraged.

    You are so strong. One would imagine and I would assume that you would say, “what other choice do I have!?”. . . but as you mentioned, there is a choice to be made. The mere fact that in your decision to live, you strive to go a step further and help other people live is beyond me. I couldn’t see how I could think about anyone else in moments, such as the ones you are faced with on a daily basis. You are strong.

    You’ve always been that way. In our best moments and our worst, you are an amazing friend with a heart to impact others. I believe God is preparing the stage for a miracle. Just don’t lose sight of vision.

    I love you very much sir.



  9. Brandon you are the full expression of God’s love. Just as God is love, so are you. You are Love….
    Aunt Susie

  10. Stephanie Hadley

    You are such an inspiration! Our hearts, prayers and love is with you.
    Aunt Mary and Cousin Stephanie

  11. Nichelle C.

    Hey B,

    I’ve been staring at this computer screen for a minute trying to figure out how to respond to this touching post, but I think I finally got it 🙂

    Solomon spent an entire book of the bible (Ecclesiastes) explaining something that very few ever have a chance to truly understand… what it means to LIVE! He explained that after all of his experiences in life, good and bad, at the end of the day it was all vanity. However, what remained to be the most fulfilling thing ever was his journey to become closer to God and to keep running the race that he started with tenacity and purpose!

    So with that I encourage you to keep running, and as you run I pray that God will continue to order your steps and give you restoration and healing. I also pray that as you run you continue to understand that though the shell that your spirit resides in is facing a few challenges, the amazing and empowering spirit within you is as vibrant as ever! Keep nurturing it with God’s word and developing it through prayer (praying for you and with you). The fact that you continue to persevere despite the odds is a more powerful sermon than anyone could ever preach. So be encouraged and know that in your own unique Brandon-like way you’re still making the devil mad!!! Remember, the story of Job wasn’t fascinating just because he was an upright man. It was powerful because of his consistency despite the storm.

    Be encouraged and make God proud!!! Love ya.


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