A word of thanks

Hi friends,
I just wanted to say a word of thanks. Check out the video.

Be encouraged!


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5 responses to “A word of thanks

  1. James Barton


    Im really impressed, inspired, and blessed by what youve done with your testimonies and blog. I pray that you continue to keep your positivity and continue to share it with everyone you can! Keep ya head up boi!



  2. Tasha

    What a treasure you carry in your earthen vessel. Brandon I am believing GOD for your 2016. I believe that GOD is still able to rebuild you just like the walls in Nehemiah. I know it is tough. I know you may cry sometimes. But know, I am standing with you.

  3. Thank you for encouraging us to believe in ourselves and in our God who is able to do anything but fail…He is able!

  4. Sherice Shine-Cross

    Thank you Brother Brandon!!!!
    You are truly a mouthpiece for the Lord! I won’t complain, but rather be thankful. Thank you for this reminder. Might I encourage you to read and meditate on the Book of Psalm 77. Your last post on “The Decision to Live” reminded me of this Psalm. Be encouraged!

  5. Deborah

    You encourage me.

    God is able!

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