A Dark Night

The early morning of July 20, James Holmes opened fire on unassuming victims in Aurora, Colorado. It’s been reported that 12 are dead and 58 are recovering from injuries sustained. Some injured were in the theatre with the assailant. Others were in a nearby theatre, struck when bullets penetrated the wall.  In either case, they were simply watching a movie.

The initial question we all have is “why.” Why would someone do this? Why did it have to happen at that place? At that time? To those people? President Obama encapsulated the sentiment when he said, words are not enough.

But to the family and friends of the victims, Matthew 5:4 is most appropriate. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

I don’t know how exactly they will find comfort. But comfort is readily available to all who seek it.


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