Keep Walking

An instance the other day involving one of my neighbors got me thinking. I was outside, getting some fresh air and was taking a break from walking. He was on his patio also getting some fresh air. He got my attention and shared some words with me. He said that he had seen me from time to time getting out the car some days and taking my walks on others.

“I can say that you have a never give up attitude. And it pleases me to see that,” he said. I told him, thank you. I kept walking. As I got back near the apartment, he had gone inside.

You never know who is watching. You never know how your life, even in the tough times (and especially during the tough times) can touch someone else. You may feel that your efforts are fruitless or that you are just going through the motions. But if you just keep moving, you will eventually see the fruits from what you are doing. It may not be as much as you want. But it will be enough to keep you motivated; keep you going.

God is watching each of us. He is protecting us and keeping us. He is wanting us to trust Him and seeing if we will.

These days my walking has become more difficult. I remind myself that I can’t see the full picture. My walk is evidence of my belief and trust in God. Althought the times are hard, I don’t stop trying.

Keep on walking.


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