It’s Personal

Barack Obama was re-elected on November 6, 2012. I was happy to see the result not because he looks like me or because I’m committing the fallacy ad hominem against Mitt Romney. Many people don’t agree with Obama’s policies, especially the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act or as it’s colloquially known “Obama Care.” Many people don’t approve of the alleged way to pay for it. I’m not here to debate that but I just want to tell a personal story.

It was June 3, 2011 when I had my occipital craniotomy or brain surgery. I was in in-patient care, then out-patient and then rehab to try to speak, walk and talk better. There I had the opportunity to meet amazing people like Matt, Molly, Kelly, David, Rita, Nicole, Meghan, Devon and more. They were my therapists at Emory University Hospital. I was able to meet nurses like Grace, Matt, Karen and Karen.

I was able to live in the Hope Lodge and experience a loving community.  The people there were amazingly supportive. People who stayed in the Hope Lodge were there to receive transplants and radiation treatment.  The loving community also extended to my friends. When I was in the hospital, friends visited and sang. They would come by sit, eat, watch television and just be supportive. Beyond out-patient care, they continued to be supportive in any way possible.

All of this was made possible by Obama Care. There is a provision in Obama Care that makes it possible for young adults to stay on their parent’s insurance until the age of 26. At the time I was 23. I was able to be picked up by my mother’s insurance, and thus receive the life-saving procedures and treatment.

I am not here to persuade anyone to come to my side politically. I just want to express my truth and gratitude that “on day one,” it wasn’t “repealed.”  I am grateful not just for myself but for millions of others like me whose lives has been saved and made better because of Obama Care.



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2 responses to “It’s Personal

  1. Deborah Bonner

    You tell ’em “B”…..great share!!

  2. Things like this are worth sharing. Bless you for continuing to share your story.

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