“Brandon is simply a gift…”

Brandon is simply a gift, a giving gift. When I met him in the fall of 2005 I couldn’t imagine the type of impact he’d have on my life. This man has counseled me through my darkest hours, fed me when I couldn’t afford any food, gave me a place to rest my head at night when I had nowhere to go, calmed my nerves when I was young dumb & filled with anger wanted to fight the world, but the most important thing he’s been is my friend. He’s taught me what that means to be a friend. He’s been an example of what love is suppose to look like. This guy is the epitome of compassion, unregulated compassion & being around him all these years has caused a self-centered, stubborn fool, to look at people as the precious gifts they are, no matter where they come from or what they’ve done. I’m forever appreciative & humbled that God saw fit to put him in my life to be an example of what a friend is to be to his friends as well show me the power of compassion.

-David Perdue


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  1. That is AWESOME David!!!….

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