“Faithful, humorous, optimistic, wise and welcoming…”

Faithful, humorous, optimistic, wise and welcoming are a few words that can be used to describe Brandon Bennings. Brandon brightens up an entire room with his easy-going spirit and t-shirts with funny sayings. For me, he has always been just one of those people you naturally gravitated to, because he he’s so much fun to be around. His dorm room became the hang out spot in undergrad with what seemed like a 24 hour revolving door. It was there that I learned the power of fellowship and met equally dope, open-minded believers. It was there that I let my hair down, shared my worries, shed my tears, met new friends and laughed hysterically. Sleepless nights filled with deep discussions, homecoming, bible study, birthday celebrations, and so many more happy moments stem from his dorm. As time went on we went our separate ways and grew apart, but I held on to those memories.

Shock, guilt and so many questions arose when I got the news about Brandon’s condition. I was immediately greeted with love and humor when I went to visit him before his first major procedure. He was still Brandon. He was in good health prior to being diagnosed with glioblastoma, a deadly brain tumor. Despite his condition, Brandon seemed determined to make the best of a troubling situation and has remained positive. Anyone who knows Brandon knows he’s a man of God and he would literally give his last dollar to the needy (I’ve seen it with my own eyes).

I don’t usually do this, but I will for a very special man who had a positive impact on my life. Please support Brandon by donating what you can to his fundraiser. We can help him reach his goal to help pay for his medical bills if we work together as a community. No amount is too little…every dollar counts.

-Za St. Germain



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2 responses to ““Faithful, humorous, optimistic, wise and welcoming…”

  1. Deborah Bonner

    That was so inspirational Za St. Germain…thank you so much for your love support and kind words.

    Bliss and Blessings

    Bennings and Bonner Family

  2. Za

    Miss. Bonner, no problem at all and thank YOU!

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