Bright spots

Hey readers,

My name is Tieler, and Brandon has given his blessing for me to provide this latest post. Last March, Brandon and I sat down to talk about his story and from that Brandnu Possibilities was born. Togther we’ve worked to update the blog and share his message with so many of you. Little did I know what would come of it… but God certainly knew.

So I’m bringing greetings from Brandon. I visited with him yesterday and despite the challenges and setbacks, he’s still smiling (photo). These days, it’s a little difficult for him to write, type and speak. But believe me when I tell you, his light is still shining bright, and those of you who know Brandon will agree, it speaks on its own.

BBenningsCancer treatment can be quite devastating on the body. Brandon and his mom have decided to suspend treatment for a little while to allow his body to rest. He continues with therapy, and in July will also visit the Shepherd Center, a world-class spinal cord injury and brain injury rehabilitation center right here in Atlanta.

About a month ago, Brandon said something to me that I won’t forget. We were talking about the battle he’s been fighting… the good days and the bad days. He said to me (paraphrasing), “…But if I hadn’t gotten sick, I never would have started the blog. None of this would have happened.” That’s powerful. Amidst the dark moments Brandon has experienced since his diagnosis, he has chosen to also see the bright spots. A lesson for us all.

In that moment, we had church. Brandon’s sermon: Romans 8:18.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

Let’s continue to pray!




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8 responses to “Bright spots

  1. Terri

    Brandon you continue to be an inspiration! Love you sweetie!

  2. Reblogged this on Where He Makes All Things Beautiful and commented:
    Please continue to pray for my friend, Brandon Bennings as he fights an extremely aggressive form of cancer…

  3. Reblogged this on adjustedsails and commented:
    i haven’t read all of this as yet. i don’t need to. He’s requesting prayer. Let’s pray! The prayer in faith WILL heal the sick!

  4. i came to read this post, also to comment that i’d be praying and leave encouragement. instead, i’m leaving encouraged. what this is filed under is speaking to me, and i know it’s God: Persevere, Praise Him. There’s something I was just wanting to quit, regardless of God’s perspective on the matter. i know better…the battle is so real..but, my God, so is the victory. thanks for your post!

  5. Dear Tieler,

    Please give Brandon my best. Not only is he a wellspring of hope and courage but he also points us to God with whom and in whom all things are possible.


  6. Tiffany Beasley

    Brandon, your faithfulness is encouragement for all of us! Pray that God blesses you with all the desires of your heart! Please remember all of Gods’ promises are Yes and Amen!

  7. continuing to pray diligently. praying God moves this mountain! i believe fully that He will. may He be glorified for it forever, even from now. i give God glory!

  8. continuing to pray that God’s healing be manifest in brandon’s life…that we see what i believe God has already spoken on for Him…and that we all stay steadfast in praying to this same end…rebuking, in Jesus’ name, any demonic forces that would have us decrease the fervency of our prayers and not believe in God’s healing, resurrection power.

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