All things through Christ


It’s Tieler, Brandon’s friend. I visited with Brandon this morning and told him I’d give you all an update. Brandon on Saturday night was taken to Emory Hospital. So right now, he is there getting the care he needs to get better. He’s not able to talk but is alert, and agreed I should update the blog. Both he and his mom (and their family) need our prayers. So let’s stop right now and pray:

“Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that do what You do best; be a healer, a sustainer and a comfortor. We thank You for Your love, care and concern for us.  We ask that You touch Brandon right now by your Holy Spirit, to let him know that everything will work out. Let him know how much You truly love him and that You are well pleased with his walk of faith. Lord, we don’t know what the future holds but You do. So we trust You in Your infinite wisdom. We thank you for Brandon and his ministry, his friendship and love. Heal him. Bless him. Keep him. In Jesus’s name, Amen.”

The book of Philippians encourages us to live out our faith in joy. There, the apostle Paul shows us that true joy comes from Christ who is our power and strength. Joy in suffering sounds like an impossible task. However, Paul reminds us that with Christ, in any and every situation, we can do all things (Philippians 4:13).

God bless!

P.S. If you would you like to share a message or word with Brandon, please leave a comment. Or you can send an email via the Contact page. I told him that I would share them with him.



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7 responses to “All things through Christ

  1. Sherice Cross

    Lord, I stand in agreement with Tieler. We agree that you are God and you are Soverieign. We trust you to be all that you are in Brandon’s life you know the end from the beggining for Him. You created Him for purpose. I thank you for him being a example of faith in so many lives. Lord, I lift up his mother only you can provide comfort, strength, peace that she needs. Thank you for Brandon’s inner circle bless then and keep them as they hold up the light which is Jesus Christ. Amen

    • in Jesus’ name, amen! in His holy, holy name, amen! i believe God, i have no room for unbelief! let it be as we have asked in faith, God. touch His body with Your life-giving touch. Heal, God! deliver, God! show Yourself strong, God! wow us, God! that’s the God You said You are! exceedingly, abundantly above! be above, God. be glorified! in Jesus’ name, amen!

  2. Belinda

    Brandon his encouragement for me this week has been as usual on having Faith and Trusting Our Magnificient King and Lord Jesus the Eternal. I want to share with you His words given to me, because of things happening in my life.
    First I know you walk with and talk with Him as well, so I don’t presume to know like you, anyhing accept Him “Jesus” the Christ” and Him Crucified, so powerful is His name to me that when I type it, sometimes it bring tears of Joy not sadness to my eyes!! Oh how I LOVE Sweet Jesus!!!
    He all week has brought to my rememberance the story of the Disciple Peter, He continues to tell me that my Faith should be so strong that no matter what my circumstances are, to know that as His child He has orchestrated them personally, therefore I should not be concerned but know that He has placed me where I am so I can be salt and light for Him!! He obviously has more Faith in me than I have in myself, it always blows my mind when I think that GOD the Creator and sustainer of the Universe, has trust in me. Like Peter when the winds in my life begin to blow, I sometimes allow myself to take my eyes off of HIM, and immediately I begin to sink, but so Great is HIS Faithfulness, and Love that He always catches and holds me so close to Him, this HE does in spite of me, and then because of who HE is, HE even increases my Faith. So has been my week, and I TRUST HIM even the more, OUR Wonderful SAVIOR JESUS the CHRIST !!
    All GLORY to OUR GOD
    Love You

  3. Amber Green

    I’m …..speechless. I had no idea. Brandon is full of life and positivity. He has always encouraged me and inspired me to be closer to God even while we are young. My prayers and the prayers of my family will be raised for you from now on. If there’s anything I can do, any donation I can make plz let us know.

  4. Angela Wilson

    Thank you Brandon for teaching me the strong importance of Trusting and Believing God even if I don’t understand!!!! Praise Elohim!!!!!!!!!

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