Reflections and giving thanks

Greetings all,

As I reflect on the life of my friend Brandon, I wanted to share a few words. But first let me say on behalf of his family, thank you for your prayers, love and support. I also want to thank you for reading and following this blog. It’s been an honor working on it with Brandon and I hope it has blessed you.

I still think about the first time I met Brandon, March 2012, when he shared his testimony at church. He talked about wanting to leave a legacy; not wanting to be forgotten. While he left us in the physical on November 12, the memories are forever and his spirit continues to bless and inspire. I was able to visit with Brandon the Sunday before he passed away. While he was not alert, the stillness of the moment spoke loudly. What I heard Brandon say was that his work was done. That he had given us everything intended, and that it was up to us to take the baton and run.

For those who knew Brandon, he instilled in us a sense of purpose to live life and go after the desires of our hearts. I can remember sharing with Brandon some of my dreams, and reasons why it was not time or why I was unable to go after them. And he would ask in a loving but stern way, “Why not?” Brandon, my friend, you are right. If we have life and breath, there is no reason we cannot be active participants in our lives and destiny.

I was reflecting on Brandon yesterday at Thanksgiving. How grateful I am to have met him along my journey. The sadness I feel knowing he’s longer here with us. And the motivation he’s given me to meet each day with the faith to believe that with God, all things are possible.

And that’s what Brandon lived and believed. Let us thank God for him and his life, his teachings and his love that will continue to live on.

Blessings this holiday season, Tieler



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2 responses to “Reflections and giving thanks

  1. Jo Angela

    You’ve enriched all of our lives and we are grateful. God’s new assignment required a level of Strength and Character that is scarcely seen these days. You were one that measured up to His standards.

    We will miss your love and light but realize that you’ve gone to answer His call! You have BRANDNUPEACE!!! ….

  2. thank u for sharing brandon with us, for sharing hope with us, and for sharing an opportunity for us to place EVERYTHING in God’s hands and praise Him throughout the process and trust HIS providence. i’m blessed to have spent so much time in prayer for brandon and blessed to still pray for his friends n family and the ministry legacy he’s left. take care 🙂

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