Reflections from Barbara Bonner (Brandon’s mother)

From the day Brandon was born, he brought joy to my heart. He was a young boy finding his way to his own unique place in the world. Brandon always had an original point of view. He was willing to take on challenge or challenges to better himself as a person. He was not a young man who settled for something  just because it was easy or popular. He liked taking the road less traveled.He was an amazing young man whose perspective was uniquely given but well received by others. Brandon had a lot to offer and gave a lot.

Thank you to everyone who gave him hugs, kisses, phone calls and things I am not aware of that were done. It was my pleasure to share my son with the world.

May everyone have a Blessed and Happy New Year.



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One response to “Reflections from Barbara Bonner (Brandon’s mother)

  1. Barbara I want to personally thank you for sharing Brandon with me. He was so special and so wise to be so young. His words and teaching touched so many people. Praying for you with love.

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