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All things through Christ


It’s Tieler, Brandon’s friend. I visited with Brandon this morning and told him I’d give you all an update. Brandon on Saturday night was taken to Emory Hospital. So right now, he is there getting the care he needs to get better. He’s not able to talk but is alert, and agreed I should update the blog. Both he and his mom (and their family) need our prayers. So let’s stop right now and pray:

“Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that do what You do best; be a healer, a sustainer and a comfortor. We thank You for Your love, care and concern for us.  We ask that You touch Brandon right now by your Holy Spirit, to let him know that everything will work out. Let him know how much You truly love him and that You are well pleased with his walk of faith. Lord, we don’t know what the future holds but You do. So we trust You in Your infinite wisdom. We thank you for Brandon and his ministry, his friendship and love. Heal him. Bless him. Keep him. In Jesus’s name, Amen.”

The book of Philippians encourages us to live out our faith in joy. There, the apostle Paul shows us that true joy comes from Christ who is our power and strength. Joy in suffering sounds like an impossible task. However, Paul reminds us that with Christ, in any and every situation, we can do all things (Philippians 4:13).

God bless!

P.S. If you would you like to share a message or word with Brandon, please leave a comment. Or you can send an email via the Contact page. I told him that I would share them with him.



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Bright spots

Hey readers,

My name is Tieler, and Brandon has given his blessing for me to provide this latest post. Last March, Brandon and I sat down to talk about his story and from that Brandnu Possibilities was born. Togther we’ve worked to update the blog and share his message with so many of you. Little did I know what would come of it… but God certainly knew.

So I’m bringing greetings from Brandon. I visited with him yesterday and despite the challenges and setbacks, he’s still smiling (photo). These days, it’s a little difficult for him to write, type and speak. But believe me when I tell you, his light is still shining bright, and those of you who know Brandon will agree, it speaks on its own. Continue reading


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Search and recover

On Monday May 18, 2013 Oklahoma was ravaged by a tornado. This tornado was one of the worst in recorded history. It was initially categorized as an E4 but upgraded to an E5. The city devastated by this powerful storm was Moore, Oklahoma. The tornado decimated neighborhoods and destroyed schools. It unfortunately claimed 24 lives, 10 of them children no older than 8 year old.

oklahoma_tornado-620x412In a disaster like this, there are two kinds of emergency responses. The initial response is called search and rescue. That is when first responders believe people are still alive and they have a greater chance to save the life of the person found. When that portion is over, timeframe is flexible, they move to search and recover. This is when emergency workers search through the debris and see if there is a person to recover.  It is called “recover” because that person is beyond the point of being saved and the task now is simply “recover” them.

Now, the long road to a sense of normalcy in Moore begins. A major part  of the recovery process for residents is gaining a personal sense that their world is improving. Many cannot get this equilibrium until a shift is made in their mindsets. They need to shift from recovery to rescue. Every individual situation is different, but this fact is in them all: thinking greatly affects the outcome. The Apostle Paul realized this truth and penned, “but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

This very important shift happens when we, collectively, help the citizens of Moore know that they are NOT beyond the point of being saved. We can donate, we can volunteer, we can assist in rebuilding, and we can pray.

Please do your part in helping our neighbors and fellowmen.

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Thank you

Over the last three and a half months, I have engaged in a fundraising campaign. The name of the campaign was called 100 days to save a life. The campaign ended on May 13.  As a result of the campaign, we were able to raise $6,095. I am grateful to everyone would wanted to and decide to donate. I could have not done it alone. I had a team of friends to help. My friends that helped were Tieler Giles, Takia Lamb, Cheeritza St. Germain, Darrick Brown, Tyrel Shields, Kimiko Cheely and India Lee.  I am happy to have friends that are willing to help. Continue reading

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The Art of Touch

Since the beginning of March, it has been a unique experience. Since around the 2nd or 3rd of the month, I have not had feeling on my left side. It is not complete paralysis, but I have trouble recognizing when I’m touching an object or distinguishing between hot, warm, cool and cold. I drop things more than before. It is a struggle to turn on and off my light and just do some basic things you don’t usually have to think about. (In case you’re curious, I have help typing and posting to this blog. As you can imagine, it has becom more difficult.) Continue reading

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