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Our Box of Tools

A lot of people have told me ‘thank you’ for sharing my story. You are welcome. Sharing it makes me feel hopeful. I am able to do what I’ve been purposed to do – provide people hope and encouragement, and glorify Jesus Christ who is my reason for hope. Although the medium has changed, the message has not.

Before, I thought I would use my voice and speaking as the primary means to convey the message. And I thought that a website or social media would be the secondary method to support the primary tool. But it looks like that has flipped. Now this blog, at least for now, has become the primary tool.

God has given us a variety of tools. Continue reading


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Don’t miss the moment

I’ve continued to think about the Trayvon Martin case. And how I hope we don’t miss the lesson or learning moment. I have to believe that out of every tragedy there is something we can take away from it; something we must take away from it. With so much left to determine, I think we’re all still waiting. However, it leads me to thinking about how easily we can miss the moment. A moment maybe when God is speaking and we need to be listening.

We have to be careful not to let the moments in our life pass by because we are not aware.  Continue reading

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