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“What if you received a threat to your life…”

Dearest Friends, Family and Loved Ones,

Life and all of it’s possibilities, obstacles and blessings is something we all take for granted. What if you received a threat to your life before you even had a chance to live it? Brandon Bennings, an amazingly talented and giving young man in his 20’s has a huge fight ahead of him against a massive brain tumor. The costs for his treatments total more than $450,000, and if he does not receive his treatments, he will lose his life.

You may not personally know Brandon, but I am asking that you trust me and remember how precious life is! People die every day, but if you have the chance to extend a life for one person, why not take that advantage?

Please, if you are able, make a small donation to help Brandon win this fight against his tumor. Even a small donation of $20 (of course larger donations are welcome) will make a difference. No amount is too small to help the cause.

Click the link below to read more about Brandon and his battle and to give a most appreciated donation.

Learn more and give

In Love, Hope and Blessings,
Sonjacharde Mixon


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The decision to live

I have started taking a new type of medicine this week. On June 11 I had an MRI done, which I guess you could say I’ve grown accustomed to. On June 14 I had a doctor’s appointment to get the results. Just like many other doctor’s appointments I’ve had in the past year. This time however they found growth on my brain stem.
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