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With a little help from my friends

As I shared, my friends have started a campaign to help raise money for my treatment and medical bills. Read previous blog to learn more. Well, one of the things they are also doing is writing letters… letters about the impact I’ve made in their lives. It’s pretty humbling to read them. They thought I should share with you. And so that’s what we’ll do for the next few months, in addition to other blog entries.

My desire to help and be there for people is just something I’ve always done. In fact, it’s hard to be on the receiving end. But we must be able to ask for and receive help when we need it. And for that I am grateful.


“Brandon has been a brother at all times.  In trials that would’ve ripped our faith apart, we fervently talked and prayed that our journey’s end would make everything else in-between make sense.  In times, when we both struggled with life’s trials we would reason together. In my times of needed prayer, where words were lost, when feelings were scattered, and our hearts could find no rest, he prayed for me and I for him. In times when my mind couldn’t find relaxation in my faith, plagued with questions, doubts, fears, and anger, he gave me an ear. When I was convinced that I was too unworthy to speak to God, I confessed my sins to Brandon. Expecting rebuke, expecting firm chastising, instead I found soft words for my heavy heart. I found a reminder in him that Jesus would forgive me, even when I couldn’t. I thank God for him, because were it not for the presence of God in him, I am not sure where I would be.”

 -Darrick L. Brown

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Our Box of Tools

A lot of people have told me ‘thank you’ for sharing my story. You are welcome. Sharing it makes me feel hopeful. I am able to do what I’ve been purposed to do – provide people hope and encouragement, and glorify Jesus Christ who is my reason for hope. Although the medium has changed, the message has not.

Before, I thought I would use my voice and speaking as the primary means to convey the message. And I thought that a website or social media would be the secondary method to support the primary tool. But it looks like that has flipped. Now this blog, at least for now, has become the primary tool.

God has given us a variety of tools. Continue reading


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