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It’s all about perspective

I said to a friend the other day that perspective is what we need when circumstances aren’t what we want them to be. That’s primarily how I’ve been able to be positive through it all. The Bible says to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be given to us (Matthew 6:33). When we put the focus on God instead of what is directly in front of us, it should shift our thinking.

Now I’m not saying I don’t get frustrated at my situation. At times, I get downright upset. But I don’t get consumed by my thoughts or feelings. Instead I am consumed with the thought that this is temporary. There’s a lesson in that. Watch what you think!

So rather than just saying, “Keep a positive perspective,” here are some thoughts on how to do that.

1) First ask yourself, how can I make this positive? Is there a learning moment for you or perhaps someone else? Sometimes, it’s not always about us.

2) Focus on the moveable parts. In other words, what can you change? Identify it and do it. If it’s out of your control, move on. That’s the Serenity Prayer in action.

3) Sweat the small stuff. Yes I said that right. Even though you may have your goal and see the vision, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The little things add up. Don’t overlook them.

Keep looking up!



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An open window

My father passed away on July 26. I didn’t have a relationship with him really. But the loss is still there. I would have liked to know him more, do more with him but unfortunately I did not have the opportunity. From what I was told however, he had made some major changes and had wanted to build the relationship he never had with me and his other children.

I am incredible grateful though that the few steps he did take allowed me to know a family I had not known before. And  now I have uncles and aunts, cousins, a grandmother – and siblings.

As with life often when one door closes, God opens a window. I am grateful. Although we may not always see the reason for a loss, we can trust that God knows – and that He has a plan to use it for our good (Romans 8:28).


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