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Reflections of the Prodigal Son: Part III

I have been talking for a little while about the story of the Prodigal Son Jesus tells in the book of Luke. Read the story here. Here are the earlier posts, Part I and Part II. For Part III, want to share my thoughts on the father.

Four things we can learn about our Heavenly Father:

 1. He has great vision.
“But when he was still a great way off, his father saw him…” (Luke 15:20). Even though we may not be able to see what’s ahead of us, our Father sees. It is not our vision when it comes to faith. But it is the vision of the Father that can lead us to the expected end that Jeremiah talks about. God sees where we are, where we can be and how to get there. Knowing that gives us the courage to keep going. Continue reading


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Despite the odds

I had an idea to start a blog before I got sick. Really, I had come up with a lot of ideas for my life – start a blog, write a book, write a movie… along with pastoring a church and going around speaking publicly. I had all these ideas. And now when I look at my life and circumstances, I sometimes wonder if they are still dreams to have.

Will you continue to hold onto your dreams when it gets tough?

I don’t let my sickness hold back the plans I have for myself. And I don’t let my condition hold back the plans God has for me either. I know a lot of people would have stopped after the diagnosis. I keep going.

How? I think it’s a combination of two things. It’s the faith to wait on God and then the courage to believe in what He has said. You might miss your opportunity if you don’t have the courage to believe, despite the odds; despite what it looks like.

Even if you are lacking in some way or another, all is not lost. While we may not know our limits, God does. We may think that we don’t have enough courage or faith. But what God knows is that we may have just enough to get us to the place He has for us.


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